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The town of Aspen is a breeding ground for epic and challenging rides for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. With breathtaking scenery and extraordinary terrain meeting you head-on with every push of the pedal, it’s no wonder Aspen is a famous destination for those wanting to push the limits and soak up the majestic mountain glow. We’ve put together some amazing rides designed to challenge your courage and maximize the unforgettable experiences that await you in the Rocky Mountains of Aspen.

Independence Pass

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Heading east from Aspen on Hwy 82, the road climbs to the top of Independence Pass (12,095 ft.). The trip to the top is approximately 20 miles, passing the ghost town of Independence on the way. Please be extremely careful as this road is very narrow and has traffic (car) use in the summer. There are several points of interest along the climb to the top including the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a popular cliff jump into the water, Ice Caves at the Grottos; as well as camp sites & hiking trails.

Distance: 20 miles one way, riders can turn around at any point and come back to town.
Estimated Time: 2 Hours Up
Elevation: 12,095ft.
Rider’s Tip: Best to ride this route during the weekdays as weekends bring car traffic to the narrow winding road.
Points of Interest: The Devil’s Punchbowl, Independence Ghost Town, The Grottos Ice Caves
Local Hot Spots Before & After Your Ride
Restaurant: Mezzaluna WWW.MEZZALUNAASPEN.COM
Bike Shop: Aspen Velo WWW.ASPENVELO.COM

Maroon Bells

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This road begins west of town on Hwy 82 at the second traffic light out of town. The road takes you a distance of approximately 10 miles to the beautiful Maroon Bells. Light traffic on this road in the summer as it is only accessible by bus between the hours of 9 and 5 making it a riders paradise; showcasing vistas of Pyramid Peak as you wind your way to the top.

Distance: 10 miles one way
Estimated Time: 1 Hour Up
Elevation: 9,580ft.
Rider’s Tip: Between the hours of 9AM and 5PM this route is closed to vehicle traffic with the exception of busses. It’s a riders dream!
Points of Interest: T Lazy 7 Ranch, Maroon Lake
Local Hot Spots Before & After Your Ride
Restaurant: Highlands Pizza WWW.HIGHLANDSPIZZACO.COM
Bike Shop: Four Mountain Sports WWW.ASPENSNOWMASS.COM

Castle Creek

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Follow Hwy 82 west from Aspen. Go to the round-a-bout and take the Castle Creek Road exit. Approximately 11 miles up on the left will be the ghost town of Ashcroft. The road remains paved for about 1½ miles beyond that point. Castle Creek provides the sound track to your ride among the Aspen Groves.

Distance: 12 miles one way
Estimated Time: 1 Hour Up
Elevation: 9,500ft.
Rider’s Tip: Watch for wildlife on this route, you may get to see baby bears or elk from the safety of your bike seat.
Points of Interest: Ashcroft Ghost Town, Pine Creek Cookhouse
Local Hot Spots Before & After Your Ride
Restaurant: Pine Creek Cook House WWW.PINECREEKCOOKHOUSE.COM

Old Snowmass & Monastery

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Follow Hwy 82 west from Aspen. Take a right at the stop light onto Cemetery Lane. Cemetery Lane becomes McClain Flats road showcasing views of the entire Aspen/Snowmass Valley. McClain Flats becomes Upper River, followed by Lower River Road. Lower River Road will dump you out at a stop light intersecting Hwy 82. Cross over the highway and follow Snowmass Creek Road till its intersection with Capitol Creek Road. Follow Capitol Creek Road until the Monastery. Trace your steps back to town. A lengthy rolling scenic route makes this a ride not to be missed.

Distance: 30 miles
Estimated Time: 3 Hours Round Trip
Elevation: 7,908ft.
Rider’s Tip: On the way towards the Monastery from town you will think the return trip uphill will be grueling, but it’s not as bad as you imagine.
Points of Interest: Woody Creek Tavern, Old Snowmass Monastery
Local Hot Spots Before & After Your Ride
Restaurant: Woody Creek Tavern WWW.WOODYCREEKTAVERN.COM
Bike Shop: Ute City Cycles WWW.UTECITYCYCLES.COM