Getting Around

Click Here to download the “Neighborhood Notice” containing event info, street closures, parking & transit, where to watch.
Click Here, to download the “Impacts to your business” flyer.
Click Here, there will be no construction or inspections on 8/18 – 19 dues to race.
RFTAflyer, for information regarding public transit

RFTA info

Route changes will be in effect on August 19-20, for other RFTA information call 970-925-8484

Tuesday August 18th and Wednesday August 19th:

  • Check you bust stop for the most up to date information
  • ASPEN:
    • All RFTA buses will detour via Hopkins Ave. beginning 8/18 12:00pm.
    • Main Street bus stops, including Garmisch, 1st Street and 4th Street will not be served while the bus detour is in place.

 Wednesday August 19th and Thursday August 20th:

  • Mountain Valley and Hunter Creek Bus Service will be operating on a detour, with some complete stoppage during the race finish on the 19th and the race start on the 20th.

(Times are approximate, base on event schedule and subject to change.)


If you are driving to either town from down valley on race day please use the free parking at the Brush Creek Intercept Lot with free bus service available to / from Aspen or bring your bike


There will be restricted parking in the Aspen core and along Main Street starting on the afternoon of August 18 – 20.

  • The Rio Grande Parking Plaza will have limited public parking available from August 18-20
  • Normal parking restrictions will apply in town, please comply with No Parking Signs.
  • Bring your bike, or walk, almost the entire route is paralleled by a bike path.

Street Closures & Traffic Impacts


Traffic re-route and detours will be in place beginning Tuesday August 18th, expanding  and encompassing the race route on Wednesday and Thursday August 19th and 20th.

    • Tuesday August 18th 6am street closure on Hopkins from Garmisch to Monarch (leaving the intersection of Hopkins and Aspen Open until 6pm)
    •  Tuesday August 18th 12pm street closures Main Street From Monarch to 1st, Garmisch St. From Main St. to Hopkins Ave, Aspen St. from Bleeker St. to Hyman Ave.
    • Tuesday August 18th 5pm street closure on Garmisch St. from Bleeker St. to Hopkins Ave,
    • Wednesday August 19th  – street closures and traffic detours in place
      • Garmisch St. From Bleeker St. to Hopkins Ave.
      • Aspen St. from Bleeker St. to Hyman Ave.
      • Hopkins Ave. from Monarch St. to Garmisch St.
      • Main St. from Hunter to 3rd St.
      • Galena St. from Main St. to Cooper Ave.
      • Cooper Ave. from Galena St. to the gate at the Entrance to Independence Pass
    • Independence Pass Closure to vehicular traffic on August 19th 1:00pm- 5:30pm
      • No Overnight Parking from mile marker 56 to 66
    • Independence Pass Closure to vehicular traffic on August 20th 9:00am-2:00pm
      • No overnight Parking from mile marker 56 to 66
    • Thursday August 20th.  – 5am street closures and traffic detours in place
      • Main St. (Oringinal St. to 1st)
    • 9am until approximately 11am (*except Main St. until 2:00pm)
      • Aspen St. from Main St. to Hyman Ave.
      • Hyman Ave. from Aspen to Mill St.
      • Mill St. From Main to Hyman Ave.
      • Hopkins Ave. from Mill to Galena St.
      • Galena St. from Main St. to Cooper Ave.
      • Cooper Ave. From Galena St. to Gate of Independence Pass
      • Original St. from Cooper to Main
      • 9:00am until 1:00pm Independence Pass will be closed to vehicular traffic traveling East at Mountain Valley
      • 8:30am Westbound Hwy 82 over Independence Pass will close at Twin Lakes
        • No overnight parking from Mile Marker 56 to 66


Stage 3 – Copper Mountain to Aspen

USPCC 2015 Stage 3 Map vFINAL


Stage 4 Aspen – Breckenridge

USPCC 2015 Stage 4 Map vFINAL